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We provide personalised and private tours throughout Cape Town. Ethics and professionalism are criteria that play a major role in the operation of our company. Our clients are couples and families that prefer not to tour with large groups. Our company allows for felxibility and in most cases you can decide what you want to see. Jorvan Tours has access to a wide range of vehicles ranging from 4 seater sedans to 7 seater mini busses.

The Jorvan Family

History of the company:

Jorvan Tours was registered as a business in March 2005. The company name is derived from the joy and sunshine we receive from our beautiful daughter, Jordan. We used the first three letters of her name and the first three letters of our surname, Vandayar. Our slogan, "Passionate about Cape Town" firmly expresses how we feel about our beautiful, historically rich city.

Background of the owners:

We are a husband and wife team and have both lived in Cape Town since childhood. I have been in the customer service industry for 16 years and Melanie has been a secondary school educator for 17 years. Both of us have furthered our studies – I have completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, including communications and social sciences; Melanie has obtained a diploma in Events Management. Collectively we have the necessary skills, expertise, determination, motivation and creativity to operate the business. Ethics and professionalism are criteria that play a major role in the operation of our company. We love interacting with people, locals and visitors as this allows us the opportunity to “show off” the beautiful and colourful city of Cape Town.

In 2006 Melanie and Brian started a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION called Jorvan Community Outreach which focusses mainly on education. Education is the ingredient that is absent within our township communities. Our daughter, Jordfan, has learned the importance of extending a helping hand to those less fortunate by playing an integral role in the social responsibility programme that we have established in 2006. In 2010 Jorvan Community Outreach was officially registered and to date we support a total of 6 township projects in Cape Town. Since then we now have 7 to 12 disadvantaged students living with us at any given time. The Jorvan Outreach Centre offers them a place of safety, always having something to eat and a place to study where they receive plenty of support, encouragement and motivation. Please view the Jorvan Community Outreach facebook page and see how you can help us make a difference.

We invite you to LIKE our Jorvan Community Outreach page on FACEBOOK.

Jorvan Tours

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