Community Outreach - You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.

Jorvan Community Outreach
Jorvan Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Jorvan Community Outreach

Jorvan Community Outreach is a non-profit organisation which aims to highlight the quotation by John Buchanan, “You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

Our mission is to support, empower and provide opportunities to individuals who live in dispiriting and often unhealthy conditions. Our two main focuses are healthy living and education where we assist the individuals/families by securing donations or funding to improve their quality of life.

Funding is acquired via our Cultural township experience which is a 3 hour visit to the townships – both Black and Coloured. Here the clients of Jorvan Tours, often visitors from abroad, are able to meet and interact with the individuals or projects that we support. The purpose of the visit is not to depress the visitor by showing all the doom and gloom of the township but to highlight the realities. Therefore our tour also highlights the fact that despite the many challenges the townships are often vibrant, culturally rich and lively communities. Donations are not obligatory, in most cases the clients get in touch with us once they arrive back home, with an offer to assist the family or project that they were most touched by.

Everyone involved in Jorvan Community Outreach are volunteers and therefore no-one receives a salary. Therefore all donations, funding and sponsorships are spent directly on our projects. We would therefore like to make an appeal to any person/s who is able to assist the Outreach with our goal of uplifting the township communities and in this way help restore their dignity. 


Banking details: 

Account name: Jorvan Community Outreach

Bank: ABSA Bank, Claremont

Branch code: 632005

Account type: Savings account

Account number: 9245 696 362


Bank address:

11 Grove Avenue, Claremont,  7708

Cape Town, 8000

South Africa 


Donations can also be made via:




 *  Xoom

 * Exchange4free



We can forward a detailed profile list of the various projects to those persons who would like to help.

Community Projects

 Little Footsteps Educare

Little Footsteps Educare

Jorvan Community Outreach

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Community Outreach

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Jorvan Community Outreach

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